Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hi folks. The smaller Alex and I went to Melbourne for the long Easter weekend, and boy was it great. I sort of want to move to Melbourne and live there forever.

Today I am tired and have a headache, so for now all I am going to do now is include a link to a public album on Facebook where you can see a bunch of photos that I took. Please enjoy!
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Thursday, April 2, 2009


I read about the regrettably named McGangBang a while ago and thought I'd make one for myself. Each time I felt this urge I'd talk myself out of it, but last night I didn't change my mind until it was already too late. It's just a McChicken inside of a Double Cheeseburger. Apparently the McChickens in Australia are a fair bit larger than the American McChicken, so mine turned out kind of odd-looking.

It was neither delicious nor horrible. The last picture is a bit deceiving: I wasn't able to eat even half of it.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Two Aussie Alexes at the (mad disappointing) Sydney Greek Festival.

Sydney's superlative skyline and crap-ass Greek festival. I enjoyed the Ouzo and the souvlaki and the baklava, at least.

I enjoyed this advertisement for chocolates. Sometimes I feel like that woman. Very rarely.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I wrapped up today's temp job early (12:30) so that I could hustle over to the disgusting Cheers Bar on George Street to watch the final game of the World Baseball Classic, which was between Korea and Japan. (Think of them as the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees of baseball.) I made it in time for the bottom of the first inning and watched the whole thing (over four hours, I think) while nursing two beers and a grilled chicken burger.

All of my alleged friends had uncorroborated alibis as to why they couldn't make it, so I watched it alone. Alone with a lot of Asians. For a baseball game showing in the middle of the day, a surprising number of people showed up to watch it, and every single one of them was Asian. Occasionally a white person would wander in, look confused, watch one pitch, and then wander back out shaking his head.

(also pictured: more Asians)

It was a great game, but it ended in tragedy for my beloved Korean baseball team with Ichiro bringing home the winning run for the Japanese in extra innings. The section of the pub that I was sitting in was nearly 100% Korean, so that was nice. They would applaud when the team got hits, etc. All in all they were a bit too sedate, though, considering this was the final of the tournament and it was against their most hated rival. Red Sox fans watching a meaningless game against the Kansas City Royals in April are usually more excited.

The Japanese viewers mostly stayed in the pub's upstairs section. You can see a few of them pictured here. They were even less vocal than the Korean fans, though they were more mean-spirited. There was a disconcerting amount of applause coming from upstairs after the Korean shortstop appeared to be concussed as a result of a head-first slide into second. (Well, I guess I cheered in I think it was 2006 when Matsui broke his wrist, so the Japanese and I are now even.)

Anyway, that is all. Korea lost again, but at least they (we!) made it to the finals this year. The next World Baseball Classic is in 2013, and I am psyched.

I haven't been updating much because not much is happening. My daily life here no longer feels dramatic, it just feels like home. I've still yet to have a single bad day in 2009. I think that's about an 83 day streak of days that I've enjoyed this year, and I'm hoping to keep the chain going. Good days and bad days are so subjective, I find that just staying conscious about appreciating the joy of my own pleasant company keeps me going.

There's this great line in the (hilarious) Amanda Palmer song "Oasis" (link goes to the video) that goes "Oh I've had better days/but I don't care," and it's just kind of a throwaway line, but I think it's so wise. Some days are better and some days are worse, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them all.

I mean, unless your family just got run over by a cement mixer or something.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Party on Cockatoo Island

On Sunday I left my camera on the living room coffee table and today I discovered some lovely self-portraits of my roommates.

We've been discussing a chore wheel for about six months. Here it is at last. Note that I am represented by a unicorn ("Majestico"), and my roommates are represented by a dragon and a "flying fairy," ("Stinky" and "Beautiful Fairy," respectively). Since its creation there has been no discussion of the chore wheel.

I can't wait for Maggot Monday.

Everybody on my street got this shockingly obnoxious letter from one of asshole Richard Branson's Virgin companies. To summarize: "we're having an awesome party! let me tell you about it! oh and by the way it's supported by the tax payers! oh and we're going to make noise until 11 PM on Thursday night! and no, you're not invited! cheers!"

Ugh so annoying. Reminds me of this hilarious thing.

Life is so good here. I'm starting to think I'm an idiot for moving back to the US. I suppose I can always come back in as a Canadian.
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Australia for Australians (and me)

After some great weight loss success my stomach and muffin tops have returned due to a week long binge eating bender.

In order to motivate myself to stick to my diet, as of today I am going to donate $10 to famous insane right-wing Aussie politician Pauline Hanson each day that I violate it. (I will keep a running total of how much I've given to that racist monster on this very blog.)

This probably violates Australian campaign finance law, but hopefully neither she nor I will get caught.

Some good Pauline Hanson material from YouTube:

OK, I think that's enough Pauline Hanson for today.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Seppo roommate cooking up some bacon. Note how different bacon is here. So big and fat, like little slices of ham. You're missing out, America!

Seppo roommate also baked this amazing strawberry birthday cake for me. It was absolutely delicious. Note how it features Magnifico the unicorn, the magical beast who serves as my avatar in all household matters.

Since my roommates returned from their holiday, the cat has stopped loving me. I've decided to play hard to get and basically ignore him for a week and see if that brings him back to me. I'm not optomistic. I think he just loves whoever feeds him. I think a steady diet of knuckle sandwiches is in the works.

the family
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